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I am delighted to provide you with an update on Palmerstown Parish Centre and to advise that our centre reopened on Monday, 3 September 2018. We are absolutely thrilled with the high standard of work achieved, coupled with the fact that the works were completed on time and within budget which is exceptional to say the least.

Firstly, I think it is important to recap and provide a synopsis of the crisis which we faced. At the beginning of 2018 it became apparent that our Fire Alarm System, Emergency Lighting and fire safety in general did not meet the required standards for a building used by the public and we were faced with the reality that if these issues were not resolved, the Parish Centre would have to close. The cost of bringing the premises up to the required standards was far beyond the resources of the parish.

We organised a public meeting in the church on 8 February 2018, so we could outline the problems the Centre faced. We were delighted to see so many people in attendance, the outpouring of community spirit and concern over the crisis. At that meeting there were representatives of the Diocese in attendance. They were limited in the answers they could provide but undertook to assist us as much as possible. On the night, we received many kind offers of assistance from members of the community.

Following this public meeting, Steering and Fundraising Committees were formed with mandates on how to go about rectifying the challenges we faced and to raise funds through various means. Luke Moriarty of the Moriarty Group kindly pledged his assistance at the public meeting on 8 February undertaking to pay for the consultant’s fees which formed the starting point of our project.

Consultants carried out inspections, submitted drawings and a plan of works were drawn up. It was proposed that these works would commence during the months of July and August 2018 when the Centre would be closed for summer recess. The works project was approved by the Archdiocese at the end of June with a recommendation that an overdraft facility be arranged to enable the works to commence during this period. We as a parish will are required to contribute towards these costs and our fundraising campaign is ongoing. In consultation with the Diocesan Authorities, Ladgrove Limited was appointed to carry out these works.

Works commenced on 01 July and the project was completed to a very high specification, on time and within budget by the end of August 2018. This, in itself, is an incredible feat to achieve! In this regard, we would like to express our gratitude to the following people who without their assistance, this project would never have come to fruition.

  • Words cannot express our appreciation to Luke Moriarty who has so generously provided the Parish Centre with extra renovation works which have transformed the building - resurfacing the carpark/mark-out parking spaces, replacement of facia and gutters, repairs to roof, replacing external lighting, upgrading kitchen shutter to an electronic shutter, painting the centre internally and externally to name but a few!

  • Anne Mahon, Architect, who has so generously given her time and expertise on a pro bono basis.

  • Richard Dixon, Richard Dixon Associates Ltd, Consulting Mechanical Engineer who waived his fees on this project.

  • Donal O’Keeffe, FCC Fire Cert Ltd, Fire Consultant who also waived his fees on this project.

  • Ronan Slevin, Project Manager who ensured that this project came to fruition on time and within budget.

In respect of Fundraising, while this is an ongoing project and we still have work to do, at this juncture we would like to acknowledge and thank the following:-

  • The parish/community of Palmerstown who have so generously given personal donations and contributed to our Church Gate Collection which was held on 14/15 April.

  • The Percy French Troubadours who hosted an evening of “Songs & Poems of Percy French” on 20 April and the volunteers who provided tea/coffee facilities on the night.

  • Molly O’Callaghan for creating a “Go Fund Me” Benefit Page.

  • Yvonne’s Montessori School who hosted a Cake Sale in May.

  • Palmerstown Festival Committee who decided not to hold their annual Summer Festival this year opting to fundraise for our campaign with a Bag Packing Event at SuperValu in May.

    Ruth Shine Dance Company held a pyjama party to raise funds.

  • Parents of current/past students of Tir Na Óg Naíonra who ran the Mini Marathon in June to raise funds.

  • The Fundraising Committee who organised a Mid-Summer Night’s Concert on Thursday, 21 June in St Philomena’s Church. Thank you to the artists who performed on the night, the lighting/sound technicians and everyone who helped out on the night.

  • Palmerstown Camera Club who produced a 2019 Calendar to celebrate their tenth anniversary and to fundraise for the Parish Centre. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the local businesses for their support and urge you, in return, to support them with your custom. As a result of their support, the revenue generated covered the entire printing costs associated with the calendar. This means the money raised from the calendar will go directly to the restoration fund.

  • Thank you also to the local businesses who have made donations to our campaign over the last few months.

I hope I have captured everyone in my acknowledgements but if I have omitted anyone, please accept my apologies at it is not intentional!

In terms of finance, the overall cost of this immediate project was €142,000. We currently have €67,000 (€31,000 tax back received from Revenue and €36,000 in fundraising). We had applied for grants through South Dublin County Council and I am delighted to announce that they have contributed €30,000 towards this project. We have also applied to a Charitable Foundation through the Archdiocese of Dublin and to the Archdiocese for a contribution from SHARE.

Please note that we also have to address the issue of the roof and the replacement of the windows in the Parish Centre and we will continue our fundraising campaign to address these issues.

We will keep you updated on these developments but we are delighted that our Parish Centre can remain open and can continue to form an integral part of Palmerstown village which offers much needed social support to our parishioners and the community. This could not have been achieved without your encouragement and support. It is great to see that community spirit is vibrant and alive in Palmerstown.

With best wishes and thank you for your support.


Canon Tony Reilly, P.P.



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