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History of the Parish Centre

Palmerstown Parish Centre comprises of a number of parts including the old Palmerstown Primary School which was built circa 1870 and Palmerstown Youth Club which was established in the early 1960's. This former primary school section of the Parish Centre has been substantially altered and extended to the east, west and south and came into use as a parish centre. An extension was built at the end of the 1980’s connecting the various parts of these buildings together and provided an entrance foyer, toilets and a purpose built Day Care Centre.

This extension came about in the mid-eighties when Fr Gerry Byrne suggested that something be done for the Senior Citizens. A group of local women organised and provided tea and snacks each Wednesday afternoon in the Youth Centre. This venture proved to be very successful, numbers quickly grew and Fr Byrne and the group of local volunteers realised they needed something more. A Day Care Committee was formed and an approach was made to the Archdiocese for permission to build on the exising site. This Day Care Committee raised €25,000 towards the project and applied to and received €20,000 from the National Lottery and €30,000 from the County Council when the work commenced. Fr Kelly P.P. secured a bank loan for the remainder of the funds. A local architect, Mr Kieron Lynam gave his services and Fás carried out the works. The new Parish Centre was opened in 1990 by Bishop O’Mahony.

The Day Care is run by a Committee and helpers, all local people on a completely voluntary basis provide 400 meals weekly in-house and home deliveries. In addition, the Day Care are often requested by District Nurses to cater for patients returning from hospital pending their full recovery. The Day Care is self-sufficient. The kitchen and dining room equipment, as well as all maintenance and decorating is funded by the Committee. The Day Care has been a major success in our parish since its inception and is widely regarded as the best in this catchment area.

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